Rechargeable batteries

Battery inspection

Dimensional and aesthetic checks
Centralized systems and smart cameras
Chose the most appropriate solution: we offer multi-camera PROINSPECT systems and smart Cognex In-Sight cameras.

On-board applications for electrode cutting and cell lamination
Constant or progressive pitch cutting, cell lamination, whatever the stage of the process, Univision has the right solution to support you with your product inspection.

With the best inspection technologies 
Cost optimization with high-resolution camera systems paired with stitching technologies and management via a single controller.
We guarantee inspection of your product without compromise.

Our systems are ready for the connected factory. Inspection measurements, adjustments and statistics are displayed via standard interfaces for monitoring and correction of production parameters.

High-speed process control
Univision solutions offer inline inspection with response times of less than 100 ms.

Easy to configure
With PROINSPECT software, new inspection tasks are simple to introduce without writing code.
Changes can be confirmed on classified images and put online without stopping production.
The calibration phase, where necessary, is now simplified and made intuitive for the operator.
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