A single powerful and configurable application

The controls of PROINSPECT|DESIGNER, developed over years of experience and thousands of installations, enable you to detect anomalies or highlight issues in production processes.


Configurable and scalable in its features, PROINSPECT|DESIGNER adapts to multiple fields of application, from checking for defects in the plastics industry to robot guidance, from assembly monitoring to surface inspection, from code reading to presence / absence detection, based on the assertion that: what can be seen can be checked.
PROINSPECT | DESIGNER is the key to success enabling you to improve, monitor and control production quality.


Its continual evolution and updating has now encompassed artificial intelligence algorithms.


Main features
  • It can manage up to 16 cameras, processing them in parallel and responding robustly and rapidly to the specific characteristics of the application.
  • It saves images of interest and measurement statistics and communicates through various industrial standards with the system’s other peripherals.
  • The recipe can be modified without the need to stop the line, delivering intuitive but reliable validation tools.






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