Integrity checks, geometric analysis and position monitoring are just some of the applications performed in the packaging

Integrity checks and position identification
State of the art inspection technologies 
A variety of cutting-edge vision technologies ensures the best possible inspection.
3D acquisition
The use of 3D systems offers new quality control capacity and ensures robust performance.
A single partner for complete inspection lines
With tested solutions produced by our machinery division, we supply all the components necessary to position, monitor and manufacture loose products. Our machines work together in an integrated control network and are able to communicate with manufacturing execution systems (MES) in line with the requirements of industry 4.0.
Configurable inspection
With our PROINSPECT software, new inspection tasks can easily be introduced, without writing code. Changes can be confirmed on classified images and put online without stopping production.
Easy to use, with comprehensive information 
PROINSPECT offers an optimized user experience for every user. From simplicity and immediacy of consultation for production operators to the full range of functions for installation technicians.
Cutting-edge technology
Univision inspection system, compact dimensions and high performance
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