Operator panel, keyboard and automation in a single solution

Designed for high levels of reliability, maximum operability and functionality, PROINSPECT|STATION can adapt to any requirement in terms of space and footprint.

Available with a Monitor or Industrial PC, multi-touch display, front-side IP65 protection and equipped with a keypad and integrated touchpad, the PROINSPECT|STATION is the perfect solution to give you complete control of your systems in a single device.


The functionality of PROINSPECT|STATION is complemented by external USB connectors for saving data and ETHERNET for connection to other devices or for remote support.


PROINSPECT|STATION, an "all in one" device for maximum operability within systems.


Technical specifications
  • Power supply 110/220 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Equipped with fan and filters
  • Internal space to accommodate VC200 I/O modules, PLCs or other equipment on request
  • The latest generation of industrial PCs with front-side IP44 protection and Giga ethernet ports for high-speed connection with the cameras
  • CE Certification
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